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La Jolla Country Club

Before and After


Course History

La Jolla CC was founded in 1901, set in the picturesque seaside village of La Jolla.  By 1921 William Watson had designed an 18-hole course on the site where the Club resides today, but with sand and oil greens.  By 1926, William P. Bell re-designed Watson’s course with it opening for play in 1927. 

With one exception, the routing remains as William Bell laid it out.  However, many of the rugged canyons traversing the original golf course had been filled in.  The Club also had, for decades, undertaken an extensive tree-planting program.  As the trees matured, the panoramic ocean views shrunk to small glimpses only.  Our task was to restore the golden age character of the course and restore the once spectacular ocean views.

The restored La Jolla CC tips its cap to the historic and period design.  The vast and panoramic views once again create the outward identity, while the play along the golfing grounds is immensely interesting, varied and fun once again.  

Work Completed

  • 2016 Completed Long Range Master Plan

  • 2017 Significant tree removal

  • 2019 Completed Major Renovation-Restoration

    • Rebuilt tees

    • Comprehensive bunker work

    • Four new greens

    • Several green expansions to recapture interesting pin locations. 

    • Short cut green surrounds were expanded greatly. 

    • Hole #10, once again sits precariously on the hilltop edge. 

    • Holes 11 & 12 were restored in their coastal canyon setting.

    • Restored Hole #14 to one of the great short par 4’s around.

  • 2020 Minor Renovation

    • Hole 2 Bunker and Green Expansion added

    • Cart Path removals

  • 2021 Drought Contingency Plan

  • 2023 Short Game Area and Driving Range Complete Renovation

Awards and Recognition

  • 2020 Golf Inc. Renovation of the Year                             Runner Up   Private Clubs

“Todd and his team spent significant time getting to understand the history of La Jolla CC.  Only with this knowledge base could they have implemented a plan to return the singular coastal canyon site to look and feel like it once did.  The result is a near perfect blend of incorporating the best of LJCC's origins, while seamlessly finding new opportunities to enhance the modern player experience.”


Mark Stuart, Club Historian

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