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Orinda Country Club


Course History

The Orinda Country Club is a golf course rich in history.  Originally designed in 1924 by William Watson, a Scot who naturalized to the U.S. in 1898, and became quite prolific in golf course design. Some of his most notable courses included The Olympic Club's Lake and Ocean courses, The Minikahda Club and Belvedere Golf Club, in addition to too many fine California courses to list.


Our goal in this exciting project was to make all of the holes as good as they could possibly be, which is of course a subjective endeavor.  Sometimes, this involved restoration, other times renovation.  Restoration sometimes is simply an “unwinding” of ill effects that have accumulated over the years, such as restoring lost views or a sense of naturalness.  Other times, it can be more literal.  For holes #8, 11, and 15, with good historic imagery on hand, we were able to recreate the green complexes and bunkers more literally.  Of course, a little artistic license was afforded, to make the holes best fit the land, but the results are remarkably close to historic images. 

Work Completed

  • 2014 Master Plan Completed 

  • 2015 Full Renovation-Restoration completed 

    • Vast Tree Removals

    • Restored all bunkers to more classic style, many to original design

    • Renovated all green surrounds, introducing vast short-cut approaches and chipping areas  with sand cap and fescue surface that plays firm and fast

    • Renovate all tees, adding some distance, simplifying others into larger, fewer surfaces for more options and adding select forward tees

    • Complete redesign/rebuild of numerous Greens

    • Green restoration/expansion on multiple other holes

    • Integration of creek zones into golf play 

    • Select cart path removal and re-routings to remove from play or visible areas.

    • Fescue conversion from turf in many areas to naturalize site and reduce maintenance and water demands.

    • New irrigation system

  • 2017-2022 Numerous continued golf course improvement projects throughout, including drainage, cart path, and golf course feature renovations each year.   Short Game Area  ("The Triangle")  improvements approved for 2024

Awards and Recognition

Best Golf Courses in California – Top 35 – Golf Magazine

"I love Orinda CC!  I've said oftentimes, this course has as many  excellent, standout and unique holes as any club really.  Holes 5, 8, 9, 11, 14, 15 to name a few, what wonderful golf holes!"


Todd Eckenrode

Orinda Article

As published in Golf Architecture - A Worldwide Perspective Volume Seven, Compiled and Edited by Paul Daley, Full Swing Golf Publishing

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