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Water & Turf Reduction Planning

There is an increased awareness throughout the world to minimize water use on golf courses, and particularly here in the West. We have developed sustainability standards, carefully modifying design elements on many existing courses to reflect a more responsible use of this limited resource.

On some courses, this has involved conversion of various water-thirsty grass types to a more drought-tolerant turf, such as Bermudagrass. One other courses, we have converted out-of-play turf areas to drought-tolerant landscapes, such as natural fescue grasses and native or “Drought-Friendly” landscapes. On new courses, we have taken a hard look at minimizing turf acreage and utilizing the landscapes that are natural or drought tolerant by nature. In many cases, we’ve found these solutions to improve the aesthetics and sense of naturalness dramatically.

These seemingly “new” concepts actually reflect an older, original style of design in many ways. Regardless if we are in a drought or not, , we believe this shift towards a higher level of sustainability is here to stay and will be good for golf too.

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