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SCGA FORE– Cover- Nine is Just Fine, Thank You Very Much

Everyone says that golf needs to get creative to increase rounds and bring more people into the game. Innovate, we’re told, think outside the box. Maybe turn the back nine into a golf-and-paint-ball experience … or put video games on every tee box so we’re entertained while we wait for the fairway to clear…or iPod plug-ins in every golf cart (not a bad idea, actually). Pshaw! I say the answer is much simpler: Let me play nine holes and be on my way. Don’t charge me for 18 holes and a cart when all I want to do is get out of my office for two hours on Thursday afternoon for some exercise and a break from my computer screen. Nine holes is fun; 18 holes is serious. Nine holes is fast; 18 holes can drag on for five hours. I don’t even have to keep score in a nine-hole round; I can count that high with my fingers (ok, so maybe it takes both hands). View Here



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