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Todd Eckenrode-Origins Golf Design Receives 4th Renovation of the Year Award

As a Runner-Up in the Private Club competition, Todd Eckenrode-Origins Golf Design was the proud recipient of a fourth Golf Inc. Renovation of the Year award for the exceptional effort on the iconic La Jolla Country Club.  After over 90 years, it was time to return the golf course to a more classic feel, re-capture its treasured history and restore the breathtaking vistas of the Pacific Ocean and the seaside village below.  These had been lost over the years by the random planting and growth of hundreds of trees, many of which were totally out of context with native flora and fauna.  In addition to indiscriminate planting and wind-blown seedlings, there were an inordinate number of trees that not only were blocking view corridors, but interfered with strategies of play and had a negative effect on turf health  Further, the egress and ingress of the bunkers had deteriorated over the years and the adjacent green surrounds had built up from the bunkers sand losing context with the greens.  Short-cut chipping approaches and varied chipping areas had been lost over the years, with the rough allowed to grow-in on every green complex.  Many of the most valued hole locations had been taken away over the years due to shrinking of the greens.  The more natural forms of William P. Bell’s teeing areas had been squared off and altered beyond recognition.  One of the main priorities of the project was the restoration of the canyon holes, hole #’s 11 & 12, which initially had been so carefully routed along the canyon bottom and had lost their identity.  The key element and indicator of success or failure of any project, is how it is accepted by the members. The President of the Club had this to say which summed up the overwhelming success of the project.  “The Club is extremely pleased with the beautiful golf course renovation/restoration.  In six short months, we were able to deliver to our members, a course that evokes the best elements of the original William P. Bell design, providing wonderful view corridors to the village below and the Pacific, and challenges our members with variety and shot alternatives, none of which prevailed prior to the renovation in recent years.  The project was delivered on time and on budget.



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