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New Golf Course Design

No other sport can elevate the spirit, teach life’s lessons and reward the soul as golf can. Truly great courses will tempt you to take tough shots, encourage you to think, grasp their strategies and inspire greatness…for these are the elements of design in tune with the game of golf. We set out on every new design with these principles in mind.

The only shared characteristic of every great golf course in the world is that they each exude a sense of place that is uniquely their own. Cypress Point is undoubtedly Cypress Point. Pine Valley is inimitably its own. And The Old Course is unlike any other. The Origin’s team strives on every new design to uncover a true essence of identity and allows it to shine through in the finished work. Most often, it’s in the land or the ground that initiates this. Retaining and showcasing these natural features offers character and authenticity that cannot be replicated.

Designing a new course is a journey, from the initial moments of these natural discoveries to working out intricate details, such as bunker edges or greens contours. We take great pride in our work, and feel confident this ultimately shines through in the end, producing a phenomenal golf course that we and our clients’ can be proud of.

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